Sunday, July 19, 2009

Andrew Bird- Oh! The Grandeur

Andrew Bird's second album Oh! The Grandeur  was released in 1999 and recorded in New Orleans. The album builds on the hot jazz vibe that Andrew Bird pioneered on their first album Thrills, but focuses more witty lyrics and deadpan delivery, as tracks like "Tea & Thorazine" and "The Idiot's Genius" display. Musically, Oh! The Grandeur keeps the live, one-take feeling of its predecessor, and Bird's fiddle playing is as expressive as ever. Andrew Bird's older albums are so much different then his newer releases, and i prefer his older much more.



  1. Oh, I haven't really listened to his older stuff. I'm so in to tenuousness and fitz & the dizzyspells though. If you haven't listened to Noble Beast, those 2 songs are musts.

  2. thanks so much! i will definitely take a listen =]